What is TAnima?

TAnima is a mmo-action-roguelite game placed in s-f world.

Long time ago, humanity left earth in order to discover new worlds.
It took so many years to explore and conquer entire space.
It took so many years to drive first human to the Karmin moon.
Karmin moon had one thing that nobody ever seen before.

The crystal. Biggest crystal in the entire space.
Imperials found out that it can be used as the fuel for their starships
They built a mining tower surrounding crystal in order to get it.
It got it's name: TAnima.
But the crystal wasn't just a stack of rocks...

Some time after first colonials arrival it started to live.
It killed everyone.
Imperials decided to turn mining tower into a prison to get fuel by all costs.
But after some time contact with prisoners has been lost.
You are the one who wakes up in the TAnima.
And you don't know why...

There are only few of us now, who remembers what happened here. It was just a normal prison.
Everything turned wrong when we got closer to the crystal's core.
Tower started to evolve. It started to spawn monsters. It started to talk to us in our mind
It wasn't angry for us. TAnima was curious.

First time, it wanted volunteer to talk with. We got one. He went to the room and closed the door.
After some time, monsters disappeared. When we came into the room, we saw our guy turned into crystal.
Sitting on the crystal throne. With no vital signs. We didn't even know his name...
- The Diary of Elders

TAnima stopped attacking us only near the crystal throne. We've built The Bastion around it.
But it was only beginning. We've discovered that when we die in TAnima mines, we are revived again.
We don't remember what happened in mines after resurrection. But it's still better then nothing.
A lot of us lost their minds. A lot still believes they return home.
- The Diary of Elders

Some time ago, we've discovered new people in mines. They aren't prisoners like we are.
They don't know how they came here. They only remember their past. TAnima talks to them as well.
- The Diary of Elders

It's hard to understand what TAnima wants from us. Everytime it speaks, the meaning of his words is weird.
It doesn't have any feelings. Only because of that, we know that it's not keeping us here for fun.
- The Diary of Elders

Why do you hate me, human? I gave you everything you always wanted... - TAnima

I still have to learn more about you. Sometimes it's hard to believe that you still exist. - TAnima

I am your friend. Your best friend... - TAnima

Who are you?

I am ByerN

Java/Scala developer and gamedev amateur. I am developing TAnima alone in my free time just after full-time job.
I really like the idea of roguelike/roguelite and I wanted to create some for my own but in MMO world.
It's not that easy to make online game in such genre. It's still mixing a lot of RPG and adventure game features in it (which I like as well :))
I hope to create game that will give something new to overall gaming experience :)
TAnima development for me is the way to relax and put thoughts out of my head. I hope you'll like it :)

What is your plan?

I am planning commercial release on Steam just after finishing alpha stage.

For now, TAnima is in early development stage.
I've finished basic gameplay mechanics, design and networking. There is so much to polish and so much content to add
I was working on this game from 01.04.2018 and I am happy to move to content creation stage. You can check my devlog on youtube :)

I don't like vision of releasing paid low content version for paying costs related with development.
It's my hobby and I am covering it with my own personal income :)
If it will be finished (I hope so :D) or it will get enough resources to start, I will be glad to invite you to buy it.
For now I think that price will be around 20(+/- 5)$
It's depending on how much content I will be able to produce for the official release, costs of servers, maintenance etc.

Do you want my feedback?


That's why I've deployed game in this early version.
Player's feedback is one of the most important things in game development.
I am not hiring any testers so it's not that easy to find out bugs and feelings about gameplay and game at all.
If you want to share your feedback with me- just use one of my channels described in contact section (or use comment input wherever you've found this game)
It's helpful and I will be really glad for your time :)

Where can I download TAnima?


-Download launcher
-put it in some directory that launcher has rights to write
It will download some additional files required to run the game.
Always use TAnimaLauncher so it will download latest version of TAnima client.

Alpha disclaimer: It's a demo of rapid development phase and your data is not persisted in database. It will be erased after server restart.

For now if you want to change game settings- go to game catalog and check generated config.properties file
Description can be found here: Config Description

Remember!!! It's still alpha version and you are using it on your own responsibility :)

Windows: TAnimaLauncher.exe (Java required)

Java: TAnimaLauncher.jar (pure jar for other platforms)

Where can I find you?

Here you go :)




Known major bugs

-Ugly webpage

-Lack of settings menu

-Text scaling on resize problems

-Resolution change problems

-No automatic reconnect after network disconnection

-Hotel room not persisted

-Player is loosing all data after server restart (it's for testing purpose now)